ReEngage your personal relationship with God... with us!

    • ​Read the letter of endorsement from the Archdiocese of Philadelphian's Office for the New Evangelization.

    ReEngaged Ministries

    ReEngaging Christ personally

    in the heart of the Church.

    Let us ask ourselves: how is my personal relationship with God?

    Pope Benedict XVI​​

    ReEngaged Ministries

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    A personal relationship with God in the heart of the Catholic Church!​

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    Can a Catholic have a personal relationship with God?  

    • Can Jesus still love me if I sin?  

    • Does God still have a personal plan for my life?  

    • Is Church supposed to be more than a "go-through-the-motions" experience? 

    The answer to all these questions is "yes!"

    Our signature presentations and texts have:

    • the Imprimatur of the Catholic Church 

    • the endorsement of the Office for the New Evangelization in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia 


    • the heartfelt recommendations of Catholic pastors!


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